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MartiDerm charitable work: Hands For Help

At MartiDerm, our concern for people extends beyond skin health and we are committed to society as a whole. For many years now, starting in 2008, we have been honoured to be involved with a social initiative designed to boost community well-being. Numerous specific actions have enabled us to directly or indirectly help many different groups with particular care requirements for one reason or another.

Thanks to our solidarity product we can engage in many social projects. The product is a hand cream. We allocate all of the profits from its sale to urgent social action to help driver better health and overall quality of life. The sale of 13,000 creams last year enabled us to complete 2 years of a social initiative in Portugal. The first year we collaborated with deliveries to social centres, while in 2017 the numerous fires that broke out across Portugal led to a state of emergency in which we also helped out. MartiDerm aided the victims by donating the skincare products needed to treat burns and other problems resulting from the fires. 2017 also saw us continue with our visits to nursing homes and retirement homes, this time to the Cottolengo of Santiago de Compostela.

One of the most vulnerable groups that benefits from MartiDerm's social action is the elderly. Skin becomes fragile with age and dermatological health warrants special attention. Daily skincare takes on even more importance. One way of helping the elderly look after their skin is through education. We offer chats with no commercial interest that help us interact with them, discussing their most frequent skincare problems and the ones they come across in their daily lives and showing them the best way to treat their increasingly delicate skin. With the collaboration of 60 volunteers from the Red Cross, we ran 20 sessions in 2017 for sharing experiences with 600 people from around Spain, settling their concerns and guiding them on optimal skincare. MartiDerm has designed and prepared a dermatological support kit for the most common skin complaints among this age group. Each kit includes the basic products of Hand Cream, LegVass emulsion and Calamina Plus. In 2017 the distribution reached 21 provinces, with the donation of 3,500 kits containing a total of 14,000 products for the benefit of 3,500 people. This action was a huge success and has now been running for five years. Each year we increase the number of kits handed out and recipients reached over the previous year.

Because we believe in people we also have a job placement programme for people with disabilities, who are now part of our laboratory team.

At MartiDerm we continue with our commitment to health and society, caring for people. We will pursue our social actions in 2018 to reach out to more people who we can help.

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