02-04-2020 | Dermatologist | CSR

MartiDerm continues with further community response to COVID-19

Keeping our facilities open and production running, as well as continuing to target those most vulnerable at this time, in the last few days we have managed to:

  Donate 14.000 hand creams to pharmacies: a helping hand

The pharmaceutical profession is delivering essential counselling, information and medical supplies to patients and local communities as well as ensuring patient and staff safety. In appreciation of their dedication and hard work, MartiDerm is providing a moisturising cream to help those hands that are helping so many.  The ongoing use of sanitizer gels is drying their skin.  Our hand cream donation forms part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, an ethical framework with an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.  100% of the profit from our hand cream is directed to Red Cross social campaigns.

  Donating Skin Care packs to health workers in hospitals throughout Iberia

Our ongoing endeavor to support the health sector get through this crisis is an opportunity for MartiDerm to repay the health sector for their effort, time, leadership values and ethical manner.  The medical profession is a highly qualified sector with a steadfast vocation to service, and that dedication is one of the highest fundamental values that society needs at this very moment.

We have selected 5 products, all single-dose preparations for purposes of hygiene,  1.100 units per health centre, spread over 21 hospitals in Spain and 7 in Portugal.

These products may be used for the following:

  • To calm and provide rapid healing around the face and eyes, some aspects of contact dermatitis in healthcare workers, particularly surgical face-mask contact dermatitis through constant use of goggles.
  • Calm and moisturise hands, chapped through overusing hand sanitizer.
  • Help relieve tired legs after long hours of being stood up, thanks to our transdermal patches.

  Publishing content on our website and social media with tons of advice.

MartiDerm has developed special content available only on our website which goes hand in hand with our Smart Aging philosophy.  

Remember our hashtag: #STRONGERTOGETHER

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