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MartiDerm CSR on display at Infarma

The 31st edition of Infarma opened in Barcelona on 19 March. For three days, Barcelona was the pharma hub of Europe, drawing over 380 pharmacies and laboratories.

There has always been a place for charity initiatives at Infarma through the presence and testimonies of industry NGOs. But since 2016, the pharma sector’s social commitment to this European event has taken a more institutional approach with the Infarma Solidarity initiative, and the idea is to make it a fixture of the conference.

It was in this context that MartiDerm’s Corporate Social Responsibility area found an opening and was able to showcase the charity work we did throughout 2018: we are engaging in a growing number of projects and developing our international profile.

Below are the different solidarity actions we carried out last year across Spain:

  • Collaboration with the Red Cross: by donating 100% of the profits from our MartiDerm hand cream products we were able to treat over 5,000 elderly people in more than 30 provinces.
  • Partnership with Mulla’t-Mójate for Multiple Sclerosis: as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, MartiDerm donated products and implemented awareness raising across the entire workforce at the Cervelló headquarters.

We went global in 2018 by implementing the following initiatives:

  • Portugal: We approached harvest workers with suitable products to care for their hands after their hard work.
  • Malawi: an opportunity arose to partner with the Healthy Skin Foundation in the fight against scabies. We were asked for medication and provided the components and training to make the drugs on-site and to measure, with very satisfactory results.
  • Also in Malawi, and in this case with Active Africa, we awarded 6 grants to young people undertaking health studies.

We expanded our charity area’s social investment criteria to reach out to more people. Since 2018 we have grown not only through charity product sales but also whenever the MartiDerm team grows, as the company makes a donation to the charity initiatives with each new recruitment.

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