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MartiDerm’s charitable work is called Hands For Help

MartiDerm’s charitable work reflects the company's commitment to different social realities and endeavours to include them in its activity. To that end, MartiDerm took the step of creating a solidarity product where the profits would be allocated to promoting this work. The outcome was MartiDerm Hand Cream, which has been supporting different social projects since May 2008.

The hand cream is now being renewed on its 10th anniversary. We present 2 new hand cream formats to better cover the care needs of hands and other delicate areas. And not just that - these are products that take care of us and help take care of others.

We now have two solidarity products called Hands for Help, which is also the name of the social initiative.

What does having a solidarity product mean?

MartiDerm’s charitable work began with the recruitment of people with a disability to carry out production tasks nearly 12 years ago. The company’s founder was keen to move forward with social responsibility and commitment and took the step of launching the first solidarity hand cream in May 2008.

The hand cream was the outcome of a reflection to help in relation to our activity and with the engagement of the staff. What does having a solidarity product mean for MartiDerm?

  • It involves the whole of the company's value chain: production, logistics, sales team and pharmacies...who must all know the product and how it works. The sales team waived their commission to ensure that 100% of the sales profit went to social aid.
  • There is a mandate for social investment: since its launch, the sales margin of the solidarity product has been allocated to aid projects. We began by collaborating with the rural women of Cameroon for 3 years; this was followed by a project for abused children for 2 years, and since 2013 we have been helping the elderly attended by the Red Cross throughout Spain.
  • Commitment and continuity: a solidarity product is more than an ad hoc campaign or action; it is an ongoing project throughout the whole of a product’s life cycle. Now our solidarity product is undergoing a makeover in its 10th year. The hand cream is being relaunched in two versions in 2018 to better cover needs. Now our solidarity product is called Hands for Help, which is also the name of the social initiative.

We are going to 'double down’ on our social projects from now on.

Join us - help is in your hands!

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