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The charitable MartiDerm formula reaches Malawi

As specialists in formulas, at MartiDerm we are really proud of our new formula for collaboration in the Stop Scabies project: training + materials.

“Training” means teaching and encouraging the people who are going to carry out this great project. “Materials” involves sending materials to be able to produce the capsules that will treat scabies according to needs and as near as possible.

Here is how our formula works in 4 stages:

Stage 1: Training of doctors who will travel to Malawi in the Martí Tor pharmacy.


Stage 2: Once in Malawi, Dr. Galván and medical residents train the local staff.


Stage 3: Local staff manufacturing the capsules.

Stage 4: We finally reach those who most need us!
We begin to apply the treatments, starting with the most vulnerable groups: children and pregnant women, who receive doses in cream.

Testimony of Xavier Martí, Operations Director: “Teamwork, knowing how to join efforts and doing our best, allows us to go far, transporting the resources to where they are needed, for the benefit of people”.

The direct beneficiaries will be the 130,000 inhabitants of the 75 population centres and schools in the area of influence of Benga. We will soon reach the most important phase of the project; when Dr. Galván explains to us the first results and how the quality of life of all those who have received the treatment has improved.

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