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All you need to know about facial exfoliation

The skin is in constant regeneration. New cells are produced in the deepest layer of the skin (subcutaneous layer) and take three to five weeks to reach the surface (epidermis) to replace the dead cells. These must be removed little by little, as if they are not removed in good time they can create an unhealthy barrier. Therefore, exfoliating your face once a week is one of the steps that help you to ensure deeply cleansing your skin, thus eliminating the dirt accumulated in the pores and controlling the amount of sebum and sweat. Our Exfoliating Facial Cream, suitable for all skin types, will help your skin look clean and healthy every day!

Step by step

Carrying out this cleansing ritual is not difficult but is not always done correctly. That is why we give you here the step-by-step on how to exfoliate your face perfectly:

  1. Pre-cleansing: the first step is to cleanse the face to eliminate any type of remains of make-up or pollution. Using the Micellar Cleansing Solution 3-in-1 will leave your skin clean for exfoliation. If you prefer, you can use the Micellar Cleansing Gel, or the Micellar Cleansing Oil, depending on your tastes.
  2. Exfoliant: apply the Exfoliating Facial Cream to damp skin. The amount will depend on your face, but we recommend it being well covered. Apply the product by making small circles, massaging all the areas of the face. You will get the skin to absorb better the active ingredients of the exfoliant and remove dirt more precisely.
  3. Waiting time: to get good results you have to allow the exfoliant to act for 20 or 30 minutes.
  4. Remove the product: after the waiting time, you must rinse with plenty of water to remove all of the exfoliant. A word of advice, do it with cold water and not hot. In this way you will manage to close the pores and eliminate the dead cells more easily.
  5. Perfect complement: finish off your exfoliation by applying a mask. Right after a face exfoliation your skin is ready to absorb all the active ingredients of a good face mask. Hydro Mask for normal skin or dry, or Pure Mask, recommended for oily and/or acne-prone skins, are the finishing touch for a perfect facial cleansing.

Following these simple steps, you will get a complete facial hygiene. With only 30 minutes, once a week, you can get rid of the most hidden impurities in your face and leave the skin ready to apply your favourite ampoules or your trusted cream.

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