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Anti-pollution cosmetics

At last, we have the ideal solution to prevent our skin being affected by pollution and UV rays: give it all up, move to the countryside and never leave the house...

If that sounds like a joke, that's because it is! Still, it is true that keeping away from city centres and avoiding the sun are the best ways to protect ourselves. But as that's impossible because we love the city and the sun fills us with amazing energy, we'd like to suggest an alternative solution.

So, now it's time to get serious: pollution and UV rays, particularly in the city, are the leading causes of premature aging. And, according to the World Health Organisation, this is real and worrying.

Pollution is a danger to people's health. And that means it is to our skin too. The "least" that can happen is the appearance of dark spots, dullness, blocked pores and premature aging.

So, how can we protect ourselves? By following a healthy lifestyle that involves moderate exercise and a balanced diet, cleaning, moisturising and applying sun protection.

Also, it's important that you trust the steps you are taking to protect yourself. That's why you need to trust the products that you use.

Products that protect your skin from external aggressions and include sunscreen. And that also ensure intensive moisturisation. Urban Force Serum-on top, with hyaluronic acid, guarantees it.

And at night, even though you're at home and think you don't need protecting any more, you're wrong: at night the body regenerates. It helps your skin to recycle, regenerate and purify itself after the day's aggressions. It's the moment for Urban Restore Serum.

The result: more rested and revitalised skin. And, of course, well-cared for and beautiful skin, ready to defend itself against city pollution and to recover after the excesses of the day.

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