23-12-2019 | Dermatologist | Facial Care

Be your best self... with the best version of our FLASH ampoules.

Want to wipe away the tired appearance of your complexion and immediately experience stunning skin? YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED!

What your skin needs is our immediate action Flash ampoules from the Originals Range.

You’re sure to fall for them: during hectic Christmas days packed with events and meetings, they allow you to become the very best version of yourself. Without a trace of tiredness or fatigue.

Their composition, including tensing proteins, hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting feeling of moisturisation, and organic silica particles, provides your skin with everything it needs to tackle a full-on day, or to restore the highly coveted appearance of 8 hours of rest.

Our Flash ampoules can be applied at any time of day or as a final step following application of your moisturiser or sunscreen. If you're applying make-up, it will help to set it and make it last longer throughout the day!

What's more, our Flash ampoule is suitable for all skin types. The fact that it’s fast-absorbing means it’s perfect as it doesn't leave you with any feeling of heaviness, providing comfort throughout the entire day.

You can select the individual format for a special occasion, or the 5-ampoule box for more regular use. Or, if you prefer a serum format, you can now experience all the power of our Flash ampoules with our 15 ml Flash Serum format.

Have a flash moment? Choose your FLASH format!

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