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Beauty tips for athletes: Sports and skincare

If you are passionate about sport, whether indoor or outdoor, you must take special care of your skin. Sweating and external agents, such as the sun and wind, can help to unbalance your dermis. 

If you are exhausted after a Crossfit class, but don't want to give up looking after your skin, we recommend these 5 basic rules

  • Firstly, moisturising is of prime importance, which means that we have to always keep hydrated both inside and outside, and drink water before, during and after exercise (isotonic drinks also help us to recover important vitamins for the skin). Externally, it is vital to recover hydration after exercise as sweat leads to dehydration. Face and body cream, as well as serum, will be your allies after a shower. 
  • If you do sports outdoors, whatever the season, you should use a high SPF sunscreen, which is the only way to keep your skin looking younger for longer, protecting it from ultraviolet rays and the dreaded sunspots. Take it with you to reapply whenever necessary. In the market, you will find specific sweat- and water-resistant formulas, with a light texture, ideal for sport. 
  • Clean your skin to remove any remains of sweat, chlorine or salt if you practise water sports. Avoid very hot water as it dries out the skin even more.  
  • To prevent the pores from becoming blocked, exfoliate once or twice a week with a specific product. 
  • Take care of your hair with products that compensate for washing your hair too often. As with your skin, if you do sports outdoors, you must protect your hair with a cap, headband or headscarf to prevent it from burning and drying.  

Finally, scrape your hair into a ponytail or in flattering braids that are very fashionable at the moment!

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