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Big little gestures

Have you ever thought that one simple gesture in the day and another at night could give you lovelier, firmer skin that is suppler and blemish-free? You haven’t? Well you should!

At MartiDerm we have the secret: our day and night ampoule treatments.

But let’s bring you up to speed first...

From among all our ampoules, five belong to the famous proteoglycan ampoules group with vitamin C for day. The sixth can reduce blemishes, wrinkles, make skin tauter and restore the natural brightness of rejuvenated skin while you sleep.

It entails a unique and exclusive combination.


We recommend applying half an ampoule of proteoglycans and vitamin C to the face, neck and neckline, choosing the one that’s best for your skin.

You can choose from 3 in our The Originals range: Hydra Plus, Hydra Plus SP or Proteos Liposome. Their formulas will moisturise your skin, leaving it firm and bright, in addition to the antioxidant effect thanks to vitamin C.

A fourth option is our famous Photo-Age ampoule from the Platinum range, capable of fighting the signs of photoaging. The presence of our exclusive Proteum 89+ activates collagen and elastin synthesis in the innermost layers of the epidermis. And the 15% vitamin C reduces dark spots, preventing their appearance and providing a brightness boost to even the dullest skin.

Finally, for our morning option we have our premium ampoule: Skin Complex+, from the Black Diamond range. It helps fight the signs of chrono-aging. The 5% Proteum 89+ makes it the most concentrated of the five proteoglycan ampoules and therefore the one that firms and moisturises most. Plus, with 20% vitamins, it is a major and highly concentrated vitamin cocktail for a more powerful antioxidant action.


For night we recommend the only treatment ampoule without proteoglycans in the MartiDerm range. Our Night Renew ampoule.

Suitable for all skin types, its formula is based on the action of alpha-hydroxy acids and renews the skin each night for a softer complexion with fewer blemishes. It reduces wrinkles, helps close pores, brightens dark spots and evens tone.

Regular use stimulates the synthesis of new collagen fibres, boosting the dedicated firming action of the proteoglycans in the morning.


Plus, with the hyaluronic acid and collagen content, it provides a moisturising and firming function that is essential to healthy skin.

After applying the ampoule, you can then use your regular products if you like, both in the day and at night.

It’s a simple gesture... but the results are so great you’ll wish you’d started sooner!

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