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Discover the new BOOSTERS: 1-month intensive treatments.

We know you want to look after yourself. We also know that sometimes, due to lack of time or organisation, you don't do it as well as you’d like. We have the solution.

Presenting the new MartiDerm Boosters, 3 very special packs that each include 15 day ampoules, 15 night ampoules, a face scrub and a moisturising mask so you can get the skin you want... in just 1 month!


If you want dewy skin with an extra hit of moisturising, this is the perfect pack for you.

The Hydra Booster pack features 15 Proteos Hydra Plus day ampoules: a perfect combination of 3% proteoglycans and 5% pure vitamin C for dry or dehydrated skin.

“15 ampoules for a whole month?” Yes!

Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline every morning before your regular cream and you will see your skin improve day by day, recovering its vitality. Use the other half the next day.

At night use your Night Renew ampoule: it reduces wrinkles and blemishes, improves skin appearance and suppleness and encourages the penetration of the Proteos Hydra Plus proteoglycans ampoule the next morning. As with the day ampoule, apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline before your night treatment.


This intensive firming treatment will improve the flaccidity and loss of firmness caused by time.

And the new Photo Age HA+ day ampoule formula will also provide your skin with up to 42% more hydration.

Combining a day ampoule with the Night Renew night ampoule results in an effective extra-antioxidant treatment ideal for skin with oxidative stress caused by the sun, pollution or daily stress.

The method of use is the same: apply half an ampoule of Photo Age HA+ to the face, neck and neckline in the morning, before your regular cream. And at night apply half an ampoule of Night Renew to the skin after it's clean and dry.


If your skin has a problem with hyperpigmentation or you want to even out skin tone and prevent the appearance of dark spots, this is the pack for you.

This booster pack contains the DSP-Bright day ampoule from our Pigment Zero range to even skin tone and correct and prevent dark spots.

It is suitable for all skin types. The concentration of 3% tranexamic acid makes it a best-in-class option for the treatment of hormonal and vascular spots.

Combining it with the Night Renew night ampoule will enhance its action and result, improving skin appearance in just 30 days.

As with Hydra Booster and Photo Booster, the method of use is as follows: apply half a DSP-Bright ampoule in the morning, before your regular moisturiser. Complete the routine at night with half a Night Renew ampoule.


If you want to multiply the effect of any of the 3 boosters, don't forget to deep-cleanse once or twice a week. Each pack includes our Face Scrub (in a mini 15 ml formula) and Hydro Mask (also in 15 ml). Comprehensive treatment for stunning skin!

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