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MartiDerm Christmas Packs: The Best Way to Surprise Someone This Christmas (And Look Good Doing It)

Is there anything more typical than Christmas lights? Well, yes. The mad rush to find the perfect present to surprise your mate, your mum, your BAE or your Secret Santa giftee with.

At MartiDerm we don’t just get this need - we share it! That’s why this year we have created three ideal beauty packs to give to our loved ones...or gift to ourselves! Choose yours:


Perfect for all skin types, it contains FORMULA NO. 10 HD Color Touch SPF30 ampoules and 200ml Micellar Cleansing Gel for free.

FORMULA NO. 10 HD Color Touch SPF30: the tenth and latest creation from MartiDerm. A byword for moisturising, antioxidant and firming efficacy, with a touch a colour. It’s the full package! As you can gather, it didn’t get its name by chance.

Micelar Cleansing Gel: one of our top sellers. Cleans and removes impurities and traces of makeup without drying out the skin.


The perfect duo for dry skin. Contains Photo-Age HA+ ampoules and 15 ml GF Vital-Age Cream for dry skin for free. 

Photo-Age HA+: super-hydrating ampoule with vitamin C, Proteum 89+ and hyaluronic acid. Moisturises and brightens the skin and softens the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer face.

GF Vital-Age Cream dry skin: a long-lasting moisturising cream with epidermal growth factors to restore skin vitality.


The essential combo for normal and dry skin. Contains Epigence 145 Cream and 5 x Skin Complex Advanced ampoules for free. 

Epigence 145 Cream: for all skin types, designed to reprogramme the skin and delay the signs of aging. 

Skin Complex Advanced: ampoule for normal/dry skin, indicated for treating chronoaging and/or lacklustre skin.

Which one will you choose? Remember, our 3 Christmas packs are LIMITED EDITION and only sold in pharmacies and beauty outlets. 

Happy shopping and Happy New Skin!

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