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Sensitive skin with rosacea? We will help you to protect it!

The skin is a reflection of our interior, and, at times, our emotional state or stress cause increased skin sensitivity. But, how can we know if our skin is particularly sensitive? We just have to aware of the warning signs it shows us: redness, itching or irritation: we cannot ignore them or think that they will disappear by themselves. Also remember that light-coloured skins are usually more sensitive, and skin sensitivity is also more frequent in women.

These sensitive skins are often affected by rosacea, an alteration of the skin that stretches over time and is characterised by redness on the face and lesions on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and mouth that can be small spider veins. Small pus-filled spots (pustules) might also appear that are similar to acne. If this sounds familiar to you… We have the solution! Arnika calms irritated skin, improves skin tolerance, favours renewal of the epidermis, activates subcutaneous blood circulation for the skin to receive more oxygen and nutrients, and has an anti-inflammatory, refreshing and anti-itching effect. The healing effect must be added to all of this, for small wounds that might have occurred.

To continue taking care of your skin, in addition to applying the correct treatment, we will help you with some tips:

  • Protect it from aggressive external agents: cold, sun, wind, detergents, chemicals and soaps.
  • Use products for your facial hygiene that are not aggressive: syndet (soap-free) and micellar solutions are the most appropriate in this case.
  • Do not use exfoliants, you need a gentler cleaning.
  • Avoid sun radiation and protect yourself with sunscreen.
  • You can use your usual care program, provided that is gentle.

If you have sensitive skin, pamper it, it needs you to give it special attention.

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