09-08-2021 | Dermatologist | Facial Care

Summer nights: show off some skin.

Finally, the holidays are here. Taking a break, sunny days and beaches, visiting interesting places and... Fun nights to show off your skin! These are our must-haves so that you can achieve this!


Our Flash ampoules are a classic all year long, but they are essential for any special event. Its immediate anti-fatigue formula conceals expression lines and blemishes to get a stunning skin, instantly! 

Besides our well-known ampoule, the Flash formula is also available as a serum. The effect of the Flash Serum is the same as the ampoule, but the texture differs: the ampoule is more aqueous and the serum, while also light and of rapid absorption, is thicker. 

Our ampoules are sold in packs of 5 ampoules and also individually. This last option is the best one if you are thinking in travelling on a weekend, or if you have a special event and want to travel light. 


Our eyes are the area of the face that we look and care the most, and it’s the first one that worries us since youth. No wonder it’s the first area that shows age and fatigue signs. 

We would like to suggest a treatment for you that will not only enlighten your eyes this summer but will also take you to another level for the rest of the year.

Sublime Expert Eye Contour is a revolutionary eye contour that reaffirms, moisturises, reduces and prevents the apparition of expression lines in the delicate eye contouring area. The result? A luminous and protected look in front of blue light (digital ageing).


We have kept them hidden under a mask for so long and we may have neglected them. Lips are an extremely delicate part of the face, but they are very grateful: when we take care of them properly, they improve exponentially and very quickly.

Lip Supreme Balm is not just a lipstick, it’s the intensive treatment that your lips deserve: it adds volume, fills and redefines your lips, providing a natural glow and a nice freshness feeling. Thanks to its innovating ingredients, it fights lip thinning and moisturises lips leaving them soft and defined.

Discover our three unbeatable products, transform your skin and, what is more, enjoy these fun, long wished and unforgettable summer nights!

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