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The ABC of Skin in Winter.

Every winter the cold, wind, humidity and heating, together with the body's own internal changes, cause variations to our skin's daily needs. It's a tricky time for the skin. But it's also the perfect opportunity to consider a dedicated treatment and cover seasonal needs.


As you no doubt know, the basis of lovely, healthy skin, especially in winter, is hydration. That's why it's essential to moisturise every day.

But what you might not know is that hydration begins with a cleanse. For a mild and gentle cleanse you can choose between two water-based cleansers for all skin types:Essentials Micellar Cleansing Oil and Essentials Micellar Foam. They both contain prebiotics to shore up and improve the skin's natural barrier.

You can also use our 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Solution: it cleanses, removes impurities and leaves the skin hydrated.

After cleansing we move on to toning. At MartiDerm we have Balancing Toner (for combination and oily skin) and Blooming Toner (for normal and dry skin).

Use of the contour will depend on whether we want to work on under-eye puffiness and dark circles, with Eye Correct (includes a day and night treatment) being your best option, or to improve wrinkles and expression line, in which case the eye contour needs Expression Gel.

Now you have the basics covered. To supplement your treatment it's important to find the best choices for your skin type, considering what it is you want to improve.


Our daily routine should include the use of proteoglycan ampoules. At MartiDerm we are experts in these types of ampoules, not for nothing were we the creators of the first ampoule with proteoglycans and vitamin C thirty years ago. That said, you have to choose your ideal ampoule:

If you like a serum texture, we recommend Proteum Serum, from the Black Diamond range, or Krono-Age Serum, from the Platinum range: they add that special something many people's skin needs.

To end you can choose a cream treatment, where the GF Vital-Age versions for dry and very dry skin (GF Vital-Age Cream Dry skin), and the lighter option for normal and combination skin (GF Vital-Age Cream Normal/combination skin), can give a long-lasting effect throughout the day for intense moisturisation. Plus, their high Growth Factors content encourages redensification, improving the epidermal tissue.


As we said before, cleansing and use of an eye contour is something that should be done day and night. It is in the other treatments where we can use different products to implement and get better outcomes for our skin.

Our first option here without a doubt is to use alpha hydroxy acids, where glycolic acid is the star of the show. We have 3 textures in accordance with your preferences. You'll get a fabulous result with them all:

The serum is an extra we can repeat at night. And if you're a big fan of cream treatments you can choose between:

What did you think of this brief master class? I'm sure you already knew most of our products and recommendations, but no doubt you also learnt something new. Now all you have to do is put what you've learnt into practice and, above all, enjoy it! #SmartAging Attitude.

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