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The night: the best beauty treatment

As our grandmothers used to say... and our mothers, doctors and beauty specialists: the night is restorative for the whole body. And for our skin. And if to 8 hours of beauty sleep you add our Krono-Age and Proteum night repair serums, you really do guarantee the best beauty treatment.

Skin cells, at night, repair the damage they have suffered during the day. That is why it is always advisable to use cosmetics which include in their formula active ingredients that facilitate this process.

In addition, during these months of heat, we look for lightweight textures that make the skin feel good, without being too oily. We usually go for serums, which, given their high concentration of active ingredients and quick absorption are more effective and pleasant just before we go to bed on summer nights.

Today we are going to talk about two of our most potent Antiaging serums:

 Krono-Age Serum & Proteum Serum

Krono-Age Serum

It is one of the serums from the Platinum line.

Among its most important ingredients are:

  • Stem cells: they favour the restoration and regeneration of our cells.
  • Low molecular weight, pure hyaluronic acid: it provides the skin with intense moisturisation and firmness.
  • Plant bioactive compounds: they keep the skin firm and help to define the facial contour.
  • Repairing peptides: they facilitate and improve cell renewal work at night and prevent the damage produced during the day from accelerating skin aging.

In cases of dermatitis, rosacea, couperose or any inflammatory process, Krono-Age Serum helps to calm and restore the skin effectively.

It is also highly recommended for use during the winter and after laser treatments or chemical peels, which may cause an inflammatory process.

Proteum Serum

This serum is part of our Black Diamond premium range.

It is a serum with a higher moisturisation capacity thanks to its unique composition of Proteum 89+ of 5%.

Proteum 89+ is a third-generation proteoglycan, exclusive to MartiDerm. This proteoglycan is formed by the smallest and active fraction of MartiDerm’s plant proteoglycans. As it is very small we ensure a greater penetration and efficacy in the deepest layers of the epidermis.

On containing 5% of Proteum 89+ we guarantee a greater firming, moisturising and protective effect, with visible results from the first application. It also contains vitamins C, A, E, B5 and B3, powerful antioxidants that provide the skin with nutrition and luminosity. In addition, its exclusive formula includes a Hexapeptide repairer, a potent natural protector of DNA that improves the internal cell repair mechanism, repairing damage that can affect our DNA, avoiding premature aging.

Both Krono-Age Serum and Proteum Serum can be applied in the day and at night before your usual cream. Due to their rapid absorption, thanks to their lightweight textures and their repairing effect, they are particularly suitable for use at night during the warm summer nights. Make sure you have a nice rest!

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