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Tired skin? Event coming up? You can rely on flash!

Do you have a social event or romantic dinner on the horizon and you want radiant skin? Then you need a solution in a FLASH!

Our leading anti-fatigue treatment will give your skin a rested and, of course, radiant look. And in a matter of seconds.

How? The easiest way possible

After your regular beauty routine, apply a few drops to your fingertips and pat gently onto the face until fully absorbed. It will leave your skin feeling comfy and light and you will be able to put your makeup on immediately.

The pleasant texture and fast absorption make it perfect for all skin types. What’s more...the formula is free from vitamin C, meaning it doesn’t oxidise and is tolerable for sensitive skin.

Guys, too

The anti-fatigue effect works for men as well as women. We can all enjoy this wonderful formula that will leave us looking amazing at any time and for any occasion. Whether it’s a daytime meeting or an evening soirée.

The same effect in different formats

AND A SECRET... want to learn a trick to boost its effect? Read on...

  • Give your skin an in-depth cleanse with our Facial scrub.
  • Apply half a Proteoglycans with Vitamin C ampoule.
  • Use our deep-cleansing Hidro Mask for dry/sensitive skin or Pure Mask for oily skin. Allow to work for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with plenty of water and apply the other half of the proteoglycans ampoule.
  • End the beauty routine with a Flash ampoule or serum.
  • And finally, apply your makeup.

Now get out there and have fun! Looking after yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. Straight-up #SmartAging attitude.

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