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What are the differences between serum and cream?

Often we ask what to use for daily facial care and what real effect the so-called serums or the usual creams have on our skin. It is very possible that sometimes we make mistakes because we make mistakes with the distinctive features of the two. Combining the effects of creams and serums is essential to have luscious and radiant skin.

Serums usually have a formulation of a fluid base and a light, soft texture. Their main special feature is the high concentration of parts per millilitre, with a great tissue absorption capacity. Even when using a very little amount, the serum is capable of giving direct and deep nutrition to the lower stratum corneum of the skin.

Essential distinctive features of serum:

  • Immediate absorption and profound reparation.
  • High concentration of bio-elements and active ingredients.
  • More specifically; it improves the special functioning of the skin.
  • Its function is to be nutritious, not hydrating.
  • It has a synergistic boosting effect when it is used before the application of a facial cream.

Creams, on the other hand, have a hydrating function. This is due to the higher concentration of fat components and a lower concentration of watery components. Even though they have similar active ingredients and both have beneficial effects on the skin, they are very different products.

Therefore, you should choose a serum with a composition that corresponds to the effects that you want. On the other hand, we know that the correct selection of a moisturising cream depends on the skins phototype and composition, balancing between the equilibrium (oil/water) and the final characteristics of the emulsion that we opt for.

How do you use serum and cream?

The additional use of a cream and a serum guarantees an increase in the benefits and effectiveness. Therefore, what we recommend to you is a daily beauty routine based on gentle washing, caring for the contours of the eyes and lips, and then the application of a serum. After its complete absorption, you should use the MartiDerm proteoglycan ampoules and your usual moisturising cream. Lastly, you can apply make-up if you want to.

Given the high concentration of the serum, you should use apply it in small drops and massage it in to cover your whole face. The steps to follow are:

  • Apply it to the key areas of the face: forehead, chin, cheeks and nose, rubbing it in a horizontal manner, from inside to outside.
  • Apply it after properly cleaning the skin and then always couple it with a cream or an emulsion.
  • Apply it day and night. Look at the specifications of the serum that you are using.

Can I just use a serum and forget about moisturising creams?

The serums gentle application, rapid absorption and the fact that is has a low concentration of oil makes the skin feel more clean and hydrated. But nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore we recommend the use of both a serum and a cream. The serum provides us with nutrition and a deep repair and the MartiDerm creams or ampoules provide us with a more superficial hydration, which means that our skin will stay cared-for, hydrated and healthy.

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