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Why is a weekly deep-cleansing so important?

The first lesson is clear: we should cleanse our skin morning and night. There are two main reasons why: for better absorption of our regular cosmetic treatment and as a first step in preventing premature aging. The next question leads us to the second lesson: is that enough? The answer is no.

Even if we cleanse our skin morning and night it's inevitable that some trace of daily dirt, as well as remains of dead cells, accumulates.

How to avoid it and ensure a clean and healthy skin from home? By using an exfoliant and a clay mask once or twice a week.

With this weekly ritual we will remove all traces of dirt left in the pores and favour cell renewal. The skin will be smoother and more radiant.

Martiderm exfoliating facial cream

MartiDerm's exfoliating facial cream, suitable for all skin types, can be used once a week on normal/combination or dry skin, and twice a week on greasy skin.

Always wet the skin first and gently distribute the product using circular movements. It's important to remember not to press hard, as this will only irritate the skin.

After removing the product, gently dry the skin (patting softly, not rubbing) and then apply the clay mask.

Have you heard about the multi-masking concept?

This involves applying several masks with different characteristics depending on the needs of each area of the face.

If we analyse a person’s skin, we are always going to find drier areas and greasier areas. So why do we apply the same mask to the entire face?

We propose combining our Hidro Mask with Pure Mask.

Both are deep-cleansing masks. With a kaolin clay base, the mask sets hard when it dries. The clay property ensures that the mask deeply penetrates the pores, absorbing any remains of dirt that might be left after exfoliating.

But also, when it dries, it creates an occlusive effect (it delays and even prevents the loss of surface water). This way, the ingredients penetrate the skin and have a more intensive effect.

Hidro Mask

This mask is ideal for use on the driest areas of the face.

Some of its ingredients have a moisturising, firming and revitalising function:

- Proteoglycans

- Collagen

- Centella asiatica

Others have a soothing and softening function:

- Aloe vera

- Lactil

- Macadamia oil

Pure Mask

This sebum-regulating mask is perfect for greasier areas.

Part of its ingredients maintains the moisturising and firming function:

- Proteoglycans

- Collagen

- Centella asiatica

The other controls excess oil, is astringent and tones the skin.

- Salicylic acid

- Hamamelis virginiana

- Romero officinalis


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