27-01-2020 | Dermatologist | Specific Care

Acniover night renew.

Once again, MartiDerm has created a perfect formula to improve the state of the skin of whoever needs it.

This time it has released a new treatment for oily, acne-prone skin: ACNIOVER NIGHT RENEW

This night treatment is perfect for skin that needs to reduce marks and blemishes while also controlling excess sebum.

Who can use it?

Any person, male or female, and in any age range, who needs to improve the look of their skin and reduce excess oil.

Instructions for use: apply to clean, dry skin at night.

The lightweight texture makes the product absorb instantly, giving the skin a fresh, clean feel.

How does it reduce blemishes and excess oil?

Thanks to its unique formula that combines the ingredients that work best on your skin:

  • Alpha hydroxy acid complex: contains glycolic acid and mandelic acid:
    • Glycolic acid: improves the look of the skin, powering cell renewal and reducing marks and blemishes.
    • Mandelic acid: its antibacterial properties reduce the appearance of spots and improves the aspect of existing ones, helping to reduce them.
  • Encapsulated salicylic acid + Niacinamide: act synergistically to deliver greater action and a better result:
    • A microbial action is achieved to reduce pore infections caused by the acne bacteria (c. Acnes)
    • Anti-inflammatory action: reduces redness and inflammation
    • Sebum-regulating: acts by reducing excess sebum and shine from the hardest-to-treat areas
  • Lilac extract: its presence improves and boosts the effects of the other ingredients.
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Controls microbial proliferation
    • Mattifying
    • Purifying and sebum-regulating

Acniover Range Protocol

Look for it in your nearest pharmacy and start to care for your skin with an effective treatment and with results.

Do you want lovelier skin?

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