12-05-2020 | Dermatologist | Specific Care

And as if we didn't have enough to deal with....ACNE!

Lockdown, uncertainty, mask, gloves, stress...and as if we didn't have enough to deal with...some of you may also have started to get acne.

The coronavirus crisis is hitting home and changing all aspects of our lives. We have changed our way of living, working, relating with the environment and even looking to the future. Obviously, getting acne isn't comparable to any of those problems, but it does make a difficult situation worse.


Stress and lack of sleep. Stress and anxiety trigger the sebaceous glands and therefore sebum production. This, together with the fact that we often touch our skin and pimples, even unconsciously, makes acne worse.  Nerves and stress also impact the quality of our sleep, producing negative repercussions on our skin’s appearance and the start of acne.

Not cleaning well enough. Because we’re staying home we have a false sense of hygiene. We don’t move about much, we sweat less and because we have changed our timetables and routines so drastically, we get out of the habit of showering at a certain time or cleaning our face like we used to.

Unbalanced diet. During this time, for every person who takes care of their diet there’s another one who’s got hooked on cakes and other goodies. High-calorie diets rich in carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index, excess oil, processed and ultraprocessed food...

Lack of controlled dose of sunshine. The sun is necessary not only for the skin but for multiple factors such as bone health, for example. Ten minutes of sun on the skin has an anti-inflammatory and drying effect that is highly beneficial in treating conditions like acne.


Clean and moisturise. Morning and night. And yes that includes when you're not wearing makeup. The trick is to always use the right products. At MartiDerm we suggest Acniover, a range with 7 products dedicated exclusively to this skin problem.

Acniover Purifying Gel. Cleanses pores, removes excess oil and balances skin flora by respecting the skin's pH.

Acniover Serum. Prevents the appearance of blemishes thanks to its sebum-regulating effect.

Acniover Capsules. Prevent acne from the inside.

Acniover Cremigel Active. Controls and reduces oil secretion, maintaining an optimal and necessary level of hydration.

Acniover Night Renew. Stimulates skin regeneration, reduces blemishes and minimises pores.

Acniover Cover Stick. Controls, conceals and reduces localised blemishes.

Acniover Soothing Mask. Intensive-effect mask that helps reduce blemishes, regulate skin balance and moisturise skin well.

A positive attitude. In the morning, throughout the day and at night. And yes, even if you don't wear makeup or have anywhere to go. Perfect skin isn't the key to happiness. A positive attitude is. Smile. We’ll get through this. #SmartAging attitude.



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