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Getting rid of acne is simple...if you know how.

Do you get the feeling after summer that your skin is less oily, and the pores are more closed? There’s a reason: moderate sun exposure has a clear anti-inflammatory power on greasy, acne-prone skin. But watch out! The change of season is coming and with it comes a worsening of acne. The key? Prevention.

At MartiDerm we have developed Acniover, an entire product range to prevent, treat and eliminate acne. Perfect for greasy, acne-prone skin with a tendency to develop mild acne with blackheads, pimples and shine.


Step 1. As with all skincare routines, cleansing is essential. Clean your skin every morning with Acniover Purifying Gel. With prebiotics that re-establish the skin microflora and witch hazel extract, it cleans and minimises pore size without drying the skin. 

Step 2. Then apply a small amount of Acniover Serum. The fresh and fluid texture balances the skin microbiota and regulates pH for a sebum-regulating effect. Its main function is to prevent acne.

Step 3. After the serum, Acniover Active Cremigel. The main ingredients, salicylic acid and vitamin B3, work together to produce an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating product. It hydrates while also mattifying, minimising pores, blackheads and pimples.

Step 4. And if you have localised spots, Acniover Cover Stick. You’ll love its 3-in-1 action: conceals, reduces and dries.


Step 1. As per the morning, the first thing is to clean your skin. Use Acniover Purifying Gel. 

Step 2. After deep-cleansing the skin with Acniover Purifying Gel, you can stimulate skin regeneration, reduce blemishes and minimise pores. With its complex of alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, nicotinamide and plant bioactives, Acniover Night Renewal Cream leaves the skin moisturised, mattified and even.


Acne-prone skin also needs to enjoy the wonderful properties of a mask! Acniover Soothing Mask is an intensive-effect face mask that helps reduce blemishes and regulate skin balance. Plus you get to enjoy 20 minutes of downtime!


And if you want to get the new season off to a flying start with the full kit and caboodle, put your faith in prevention and Acniover Capsules. The prebiotic and probiotic content balances the microbiota and reinforces the skin's natural defence barrier. The capsules also contain B3, a sebum regulator that helps remove pimples and shrink pores. Your skin will be strengthened, nourished and healthier.


Try not to touch your skin, change your sheets often and dry your face by patting softly with a towel, not rubbing. And our last tip? Stay strong! Acne almost always has a solution. So above all, be consistent. As with most challenges in life, persistence is the key to success. ;)

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