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Keep that tan for longer!

A longer-lasting golden tan? Yes, you can have one. Just follow these recommendations: Eat a healthy diet (with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water) and take care of your skin (moisturise and protect).

Obviously, eating well is always important, not only for keeping your skin in good condition, but for staying healthy and feeling good, all year round. But it’s also true that, whatever you are aiming for, some foods are more helpful than others. When it comes to taking care of your skin and keeping your tan, these are some of them:

-Mangos and carrots: these foods contain high concentrations of beta carotenes, which are precursors of melanin synthesis. They also contain vitamin C and vitamin A, which care for the skin and contain protective antioxidants.

-Nuts: their healthy fatty acids keep the skin hydrated and give it a special glow, which is particularly important in summertime when the sun, swimming pools and sea can leave it feeling dry.

-Berries. These contain high levels of vitamin C that inhibit the free radicals caused by continuous exposure to the sun.

-Oily fish. The best source of Omega 3 fatty acids, a type of oil which is healthy for the whole body. Eat oily fish to reduce tissue inflammation.

-Leafy green vegetables. These contain powerful antioxidants which are useful to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles.

-Olive oil. Improves cell regeneration and inhibits oxidative damage.

There’s a long list of foods that encourage and preserve an attractive tan. However, if you want to innovate and take things further, there’s nothing like DSP-Antiox Capsules, a food supplement that boosts the skin’s natural defence mechanisms against ultraviolet light, preventing photo-ageing for a more even skin tone.

In any case, a healthy diet and the protection afforded by capsules will never eliminate the need for external care. The DSP range by MartiDerm evens out skin tone, preventing and treating dark spots. The ideal treatment before, during and after the summer season. Remember that keeping a tan involves a lot of care. So be generous and pamper yourself!

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