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Oily skin?

If you have oily skin you might be interested to know how to care for your skin type.

Excess sebum in the skin is a problem that does not just affect teenagers and can actually be found in 40% of the adult population, predominantly women.

For young people, the ideal skin care routine is one that helps to regulate secretion by the sebaceous glands and to improve microbiota at a dermal level.

Simply clean every morning and evening with Acniover Purifying Gel, then apply Acniover Serum for preventive action or Acniover Active Cremigel for an intense treatment.

However, when caring for oily adult skin, cleaning can also be combined with other product types to treat and prevent other issues that may also be of concern, such as flaccidity or lack of firmness.



Use Acniover Purifying Gel every morning and evening.

If you need to remove make-up, MartiDerm recommends cleaning with Micellar Oil.

Using Micellar Oil as your make-up remover ensures that any traces of make-up and dirt are removed more thoroughly.

Our Micellar Oil is applied to dry skin; despite being an oil, it does not make skin any greasier. After applying and massaging it into the face, moisten the tips of your fingers and massage again to create a lather. Then, rinse.

After rinsing, apply Acniover Purifying Gel.



Always remember your eye contour area.

Expression eye contour can be applied for expression lines and wrinkles. Eye Correct can also be used to treat under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

Proteos Liposome ampoules can be applied as part of your daily skin care routine to maintain and improve skin firmness.

They are unique for being oil free and therefore suitable for oily skin. They add moisture and stimulate the pro-collagen function.

After applying to the face, neck and neckline, apply Acniover Serum.

It regulates sebum, mattifies and improves blemishes.

For very oily skin, apply Acniover Active Cremigel as a treatment cream. If your skin is oily but acne-free, use GF Vital Age Cream for normal/combination skin.

Its mattifying effect and oil-free formula make your skin feel comfortable and light.

At the same time, you will be redensifying and preventing flaccidity and sagging.

At night, we recommend using Night Renew Serum or Ampoules, our oil-free face peel. Using AHA helps to soften marks and blemishes. It improves skin texture, prevents wrinkles and expression lines and works at a pro-collagen level.

As a night treatment, apply Acniover Active Cremigel or, if you already used it in the morning, try Acniover Serum as your night treatment for its sebum-regulating function and Epigence Sleeping Cream as the perfect anti-aging treatment.

Its anti-aging formula is based on epigenetics and repairs damage caused by external factors, preventing accelerated cell aging.

Finally, to improve sebaceous gland function, choose Acniover Oral Capsules. In addition to improving intestinal microbiota, they also regulate sebum.

And for localised treatment of spots and pimples, use Acniover Concealer Stick. It treats and conceals thanks to its Salicylic Acid content, making them disappear.


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