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Pigment Zero 0.0 skin.

There was a time not that long ago when sun worshippers applied oil directly to their skin to brown themselves, literally, under the sun. Fortunately, these days most of us know the importance of protecting yourself from the sun, especially during the hottest months.

What many people still don’t know - and it’s not for lack of MartiDerm reminding them- is that you have to protect yourself in autumn and winter too. These months are ideally suitable for treating the dark spots caused by too much summer sun.

And not just those caused by the sun, but also the dark spots we've had for years, brought about by hormonal changes, medications or simply genetic predisposition.

Whatever the reason, at MartiDerm we have a complete cosmetic line that will help you reduce dark spots and prevent new ones from appearing.

But let's start at the beginning: why do we advise doing these intensive routines and treatments at this time of year? Because now is when the sun shines less brightly and the rays are not as strong. That means your skin is less exposed to the sun and there is hence less activity by melanocytes, the cells tasked with producing melanin and consequently dark spots.

Plus, some depigmenting treatments contain alpha-hydroxy acids, perfect for treating spots as they aid cell regeneration and speed up the depigmenting process but whose use is more suitably established at times of the year with less sun. Alpha-hydroxy acids, combined with active ingredients that control and reduce melanin production, are the key to depigmenting treatments at night. But... what about during the day?

We never tire of saying it: sunscreen is a must 365 days a year. And you need to replenish it every two hours if you are going to stay out in the sun.


Pigment Zero is the cosmetic line that prevents and reduces skin hyperpigmentation. It includes various products, all suitable for covering the different needs, skin types and dark spots that each person presents.

And, of course, it includes products for day and night in addition to others we can combine in line with requirements or already-established routines.


DSP-Cream SPF 50+ will be our daily cream to apply as the last treatment step. We can reapply it every 2 hours if needed. Its ingredients, such as Kojic and Ellagic acids, reduce and inhibit melanin production. And its protection keeps us safe from the sun’s rays. Plus it is suitable for all skin types.

As a supplement for dark spots or localised areas we can choose DSP-Cover. It contains ingredients that keep up the action of the products used during the day and renews protection from the sun with an SPF 50+. It also conceals dark spots thanks to the colour it comes in.


As a general treatment within the Pigment Zero range you have DSP-Renovation Cream. With depigmenting active ingredients, melanin-regulating agents and 10% alpha-hydroxy acids, it not only removes spots but the AHAs it contains ensure smoother, brighter skin and reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

As a localised treatment, our most intensive star product is DSP-Mask. It can have different uses depending on the type of spot: if localised, it is best to apply it just to that area and leave it to work all night long, every night. In the case of spots across the face, we recommend applying it to the whole of the face, leaving on for between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and washing off with water.

Frequency will also depend on tolerance and spot type. That's why a personalised recommendation from your pharmacy team is crucial.


You can also choose DSP-Serum Brightening or DSP-Bright Ampoules. The choice between one or the other will depend on spot type. That's why the best thing is to follow the recommendation of your pharmacist.

In addition to the active ingredients in DSP-Serum Brightening such as genestein and hexylresorcinol, which regulate and prevent excess melanin, DSP-Bright Ampoules also contain pure vitamin C and 3% tranexamic acid.[LY1] 

And if you want a little something extra...

If you want to know how to boost your treatment, add Photo-Age Proteoglycans ampoules to it. With 15% vitamin C and an anti free-radical complex, our proteoglycans will power the depigmenting effects of the other products whilst keeping your skin firm and moisturised, something that must never be ignored. You can use half an ampoule in the morning on the face, neck and neckline after using DSP-Serum Brightening or DSP-Bright Ampoules. And as the last step, DSP-Cream SPF 50+.

At night, as a supplement to the DSP-Renovation cream, you can include a serum with an intensive firming and repairing action like Proteum Serum or Krono-Age Serum. It will depend on whether your skin needs intensive post-summer repair or a tightening effect to work on flaccidity and firmness.

You choose. And if you have any questions, see your pharmacist and ask about your MartiDerm PIGMENT ZERO depigmenting routine for spot- and blemish-free skin. In short, 0.0 skin.

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