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The slow movement and cosmetics

Nowadays, humans live, generally, in a particular obstacle race. We have to control each second of our day-to-day to achieve everything that is required. There is a huge disconnection from the natural environment and its flow of time, calm and linked to the seasons. Cities become a race against the clock, where not being the fastest and not always trying to improve that mark is considered a failure. Rushing is the motor of our actions and envelops our life accelerating it, saving every second and worshipping speed, which is the only thing that seems to matter to be better. 

The slow movement is a philosophy that is centred on people living without the characteristic rush of today’s society. Living in a calm way, not running and not trying to take on too much. That way, quick daily routines become full activities, as we focus on each step and not only on the goal. The slow movement wants us to enjoy the way, without giving so much importance to the destination, adapting ourselves to the pace of each activity without losing our cool. 

What is slow cosmetics? 

Slow cosmetics looks for natural and authentic beauty, without it being forced. It must come from inside us. Taking care of ourselves and choosing the best treatments for our individual needs. If we follow this slow movement, we will take care of ourselves in an aware way, enjoying each step of the process and making it a natural habit. This way, we will take care of ourselves daily and transform it into an essential routine of our day-to-day. Although there are days when we barely have any time, turning it into a habit will make us carry out our beauty routine naturally. 

The aim of slow cosmetics is to encourage consumers to be more curious and critical about the composition of products that we apply every day to our face. Abandoning traditional cosmetics and choosing slow cosmetics is something we must do slowly and not in a hurry. In the first place, find out about the ingredients contained in the products we normally use, as the aim is to use products that respect both our skin and the environment. 

Julien Kaibeck, an expert in slow cosmetics, has no doubt about what the three pillars are of this new way of looking after ourselves: 

  • Smart cosmetics that answers the skin’s real needs and gives it natural ingredients and not inactive ingredients, like silicon. 
  • Cosmetics that focuses on common sense and does not promise the impossible. 
  • Cosmetics that invites us to take care of ourselves not using synthetic aromas, devices or the promise of young skin throughout eternity. 

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