31-01-2020 | Dermatologist | Nutrition

“Fancy a cuppa?”

Have you realised that when someone wants to start a delicate conversation, get you onside or share a secret, they often choose the excuse of having a hot drink?

It might be pure coincidence, but there is a scientific explanation: hot food and drink aid digestion. And, by contrast, cold food and drink hamper the mechanical movement that the stomach, which is kept at 37ºC, needs to grind up food properly. 

In other words, hot drinks are comforting and good for us so when it comes to social relations we unconsciously turn to them to help kick-start a conversation, hold a meeting or even bring a negotiation to a successful conclusion.

And if we go into it more deeply, we can find some very significant data: when someone is depressed they don't only listen to sad music and wallow in it, they also forgot physical exercise, relax their personal hygiene and reach for fast...and usually cold....food.

So making a good stew (one of the best examples of our Mediterranean diet) isn't just a sign of health. It is also an extremely healthy way of taking care of ourselves.

... But despite this argument in favour of hot food and drink, it’s also important to add a proviso: don't get obsessed. Swap between duty and leisure, tucking into treats and exercising, comedy films and dramas. And, of course, hot and cold food.

In short:

-Exercise. Whatever makes you feel good. But around 3 times per week.

-Healing showers. Every now and then (when your body is asking for it), enjoy a long, refreshing shower, the type where you leave all the day's ills behind.

-Moisturise. Obviously, by drinking at least a litre-and-a-half of water a day. But also with cosmetic products that hydrate and comfort not only your skin, but your soul. At MartiDerm we have them all. Choose yours.

-Healthy food. Try to make this the only type in your fridge and kitchen cupboards. But of course treat yourself every now and then.

And don't listen to sad music on high rotation. Balance is the key to health. Or to put it another way, the key to a happy life is #SmartAging.

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