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Snacking between meals? NOW YOU CAN!

In fact, not only is it acceptable, it’s actually recommended. Traditionally we eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But ideally we should eat five meals: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The goal? To get to each meal without feeling anxious and to avoid overeating during any meal.

Of course, knowing how to eat is also important, as is having willpower.

When you’ve been working or running errands for several hours and it’s 12 noon (around the time of your second breakfast) or 6 p.m. (around the time of your afternoon snack), anxiety suddenly clouds your thinking. So... how do you eat properly? The key is good planning. And a large bag so that you have all the right foods to hand. ;;))

We recommend the following menu:

  • Breakfast: coffee with rice milk and a turkey sandwich made with corn bread (preferably gluten free).
  • Second breakfast: apple sauce with nuts.
  • Lunch: meat or fish with cooked vegetables (boiled, baked or grilled), and quinoa or rice.
  • Afternoon snack: toasted buckwheat bread with oil and salt and a square of dark chocolate.
  • Dinner: cooked vegetables (boiled, baked or grilled) with quinoa or rice.

This is a very healthy menu that promotes good digestive health. It will sustain and satisfy you, but it’s also very easy to digest.

The right nutrition makes you feel good. And if you combine a good diet with healthy lifestyle habits, what seems like an effort at first soon becomes a need, because you’ll feel better and look better.

To achieve this, we also recommend some made in MartiDerm tips: the Legvass range is ideal for flushing out, toning and relieving heaviness in the legs.

Combine all these tips and you’ll feel light. And when you feel light, you feel better; and that’ll give you the energy you need to keep on taking care of yourself. Pure #SmartAging logic!

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