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The Vitamins You Need in Your Diet This Summer

All changes of season are upsetting to the body. The most common consequences are the much-feared lowering of defences and the often-sought solution of taking vitamins to try to fight off colds and other infections.

The arrival of summer is no exception.

But let’s go back to the beginning. What are vitamins and why are they so important? Vitamins are substances that are essential to the correct functioning of the body. They are present in the food we eat and also in many of the products we use on our skin.

As you can imagine, it's best to follow a balanced diet. Unfortunately, lifestyles today often don’t make this easy. That’s why it’s important to look after not only what we eat but also what we “consume” through our skin. Even in summer, with the change in hours and excess sun, irregularities in our body are inevitable.

If to that we add heat, we see that summer is the perfect time to supplement your diet with vitamins like Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, proven to respond physiologically to the results of stress caused by excess heat by preventing the development of heat rash or, if it’s already started, helping to treat it.

Vitamin E is good for those parts of the immune system activated when we have an allergic reaction to the sun, for example. A supplement of Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

At MartiDerm we have developed ampoules containing vitamins C, E and D, suitable year-round (Proteos Hydra Plus, 10 or 30 ampoules) and perfect for summer (Proteos Hydra Plus SP, 10 or 30 ampoules). After all, it's just another way of feeding the skin.

Furthermore, a deficit of Vitamin C can cause excessive sweating, something we can control through a daily vitamin supplement and the use of the right antiperspirant products like those from MartiDerm.

In addition to vitamins, health protectors of the first order, it’s also a good idea to protect your skin from the sun. All-year round, in fact, but particularly in summer. MartiDerm offers two options: DSP-SPF 50+ Cream and DSP-SPF 50+ Cover Stick. Two formats, depending on your tastes and needs.

As you can see, taking care of yourself in summer takes time. But your body will thank you for it. And the payoffs are huge. Looking after yourself makes you feel good on the inside. And that shows on the outside, too.

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