23-12-2021 | Dermatologist | Personal well-being

4 Good Resolutions for 2022 ... that could change your life!

The start of a new year is usually a time of reflection, when we go over the past and look forward to the future with hopes and dreams.  These dreams very often come to naught. But sometimes, with the right roadmap, they really can come true!


1. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. This one’s a no-brainer. Looking after yourself, loving and pampering yourself and rewarding yourself with small treats are essential to feeling good, shaking off self-doubt and moving forwards.  As you know, at MartiDerm we have a philosophy - Smart Aging - that we tap to convey the importance of loving yourself and having the self-knowledge to know what you really need and how to go about getting it. Looking after your skin is a basic act of self-esteem worth practising every day!
2. DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU. Stop to think about what you really want. Not what your sister wants, or your mum, your mate or your kids. We often live life through other people’s eyes, forgetting we’re only here once and should enjoy it. As the old saying goes, life is what you make it!
3. PRACTICE GENEROSITY. Look after the people you love; forgive and forget; do something nice for someone. Wave, smile, don’t judge. Help a stranger. Even if they never find out about it. It’s what we at MartiDerm call Smart People. 
4. LOOK AFTER THE PLANET. We only have one body, so we have to look after it. Same goes for the planet: we only have one planet, so we had better respect it. Recycle, rework, reuse. Be an example for the people around you and the next generations. We call it Smart Planet.
These 4 pillars are the basis for a path to personal satisfaction, generosity and coherence that will no doubt help make your other wishes and goals happen.
“And what does MartiDerm want for the New Year?” you ask. Simple: we want your wishes to come true. Merry Christmas and Happy 2022.

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