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A good posture... fixes almost everything!

And if it doesn’t, it will at least head off many unnecessary problems. Adopting a correct posture, whether standing, sitting or walking, is essential not only to prevent injuries but to enjoy a full life. But if we stop and think about it, very few people take care of their posture.

The problem is clearest at work, particularly if we spend all day seated. There are so many things to keep an eye on at work - phone calls, emails, urgent deliveries...but there is always one thing we shouldn’t ignore: posture. Poor posture can cause muscle problems and backache. And if we don’t fix it, contractures and even poor circulation!

So, if you suspect your posture isn’t what it should be, take note:

  • As soon as you get out of bed move your arms around like the blades of a mill. Breathe. Slowly. Feel your body reactivate and wake up with each breath of oxygen that enters your system.
  • After showering moisturise your body, giving yourself a gentle massage. Use Hidra-Firming Body Lotion. As with the exercises and shower, the massage is another way to take care of yourself, raising awareness of your body, shoulders, elbows, the backs of your thighs... It is a gesture that will unconsciously help you adopt a healthier posture.
  • When it's time to leave the house. It's important to distribute your weight evenly throughout your body. If you set off to work carrying a handbag and/or briefcase, make sure to change it from one arm to the other to balance the weight between both sides of your body.
  • Listen to your body. Take the time needed to acquire a correct posture. If you are in front of a computer, the screen must be tilted towards you, not you towards it. Use the keypad in a way that lets you keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and wrists and forearms aligned.
  • Get moving! Don’t spend more than 45 minutes sitting down. After so much time without moving, the body needs to stretch: it’s a good idea to walk a few metres every 45 minutes, rotate your shoulders and wrists and stretch your neck.

Look after yourself and listen to your body; it will improve your physical and mental health. And without knowing it, you will be practising #SmartAging, the ideal posture for life.

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