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Blue Monday?... Make it Happy Monday

Monday is usually the day of the week with the worst fame (followed closely by its Sunday evening cousin). So it’s unsurprising that a British PR firm should hire psychologist Cliff Arnall’s services to provide a certain scientific basis to an idea: stipulating the saddest day of the year to encourage people to fight the blues by splurging on plane tickets.

The title of ‘Blue Monday’, which won the dubious privilege of being the saddest and most depressing day of the year, fell on the third Monday of January.

The arguments were calculated on the basis of the natural coldness of the season, the upwards slog that is January, the post-holidays syndrome, the nostalgia and intensity of the Christmas period and the unlikeliness of sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

As you can image, the campaign was a hit - not because the saddest day of the year, better known as ‘Blue Monday’ really exists, but because the power of the mind is extraordinary.

Blue Monday is NOT-A-THING. We know for sure. How? Simple: at MartiDerm we practice a positive philosophy:#SmartAging. And we celebrate Happy Monday... every day of the year!

Below are a number of tips and experiences to ensure your third Monday of January goes swimmingly:

  • Get 8 hours sleep, eat healthily, smile, put things in perspective and don't sweat the small stuff...and above all, take care of yourself!
  • Look after your diet and indulge in the odd small treat. The smell of freshly baked biscuits or cake leaves an aroma that fills your home and lifts your spirit. So comforting!
  • Take care of what you say: the things you think and say out loud have more power than you realise. They can form your reality - so surround yourself with positive and inspiring words.
  • Look out for your leisure and wellbeing: draw up a list of relaxing, positive music. If music stills the wild beast in you, you can definitely beat Blue Monday.
  • You just have to pamper all your senses. And of course that includes taking care of your appearance and skin. They have an immediate effect on your mood.

It’s all about the attitude!

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