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Do we actually know how to rest on holiday?

“Ho-li-day”. When we utter the word, it melts in our mouth like a lump of sugar... the excitement that builds up all year as we make plans to go to different destinations and indulge in different experiences.

And, yet, when our holidays finally arrive, many of us are incapable of disconnecting and resting.

It’s been proven! Many Spaniards state that they can’t disconnect from work in summer. This is no minor matter: knowing how to disconnect is a must when it comes to being happier, enjoying the moment and, yes, even improving our performance. We need to learn how to stop, leave the routine behind and disconnect from the workplace during our downtime.

It’s not easy. Because we’re used to filling our time up with thousands of activities. We don’t know how to “waste” time. But it’s high time we learned. A few ideas to help you: 

  • Enjoy some quality family time: get involved, take things slowly, cook food together, watch a movie, improvise... You can’t turn back time. And it’s the most important time you’ll ever have!
  • Forget about technology! Think of it as a personal exercise. See how you cope and how you feel. Here at MartiDerm, we can assure you that it’s a cleansing, antioxidant experience. 
  • Take the opportunity to practise that sport you love so much or take up a completely new activity. Now that you have time, why not spend some time on that sport or activity that makes you feel so good? Climbing, Russian lessons or becoming a tourist in your home town, as if you were visiting it for the first time. Listen to yourself. Aren’t you already smiling at the thought?

(A quick side note here: it’s our duty to remind you to protect your skin from UV rays if you practise an outdoor sport. We recommend our latest product: PROTEOS SCREEN SPF 50+. Not only does it moisturise the skin thanks to the proteoglycans, it also protects it from ultraviolet rays. And since its velvety texture is instantly absorbed, you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

And, finally, our top tip: TAKE A NAP. Experts believe that taking a 20-30 minute nap after lunch is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. It’s a habit we don’t usually get into the rest of the year. So, for that reason alone, make the most of it! #SmartAging attitude.


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