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Five Tips for Sustainable Living.

Climate change, inequalities, pollution... We all know we have to change our habits if we want to preserve our way of life and our planet. But the truth is that often we don't know how to go about it. Our advice? Start small. With changes that are easy to make and internalise as part of your daily routine.

Here we propose 5 sustainable challenges to take up in 5 weeks.


You know bottled water costs more than tap water, right? And that plastic is a definite problem for the environment? That's why we suggest that, wherever possible, you drink tap water. And if the flavour doesn't grab you, here's a trick: fill a glass water bottle and store it in the fridge without a lid. You'll notice the difference!


How did the week drinking tap water go? Were you able to do it? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can move onto a new challenge: eat fewer foods of animal origin. Especially red meat. Try to avoid it. Or only have it every now and then. The enormous production of meat has a very negative impact on the environment. And eating too much red meat is related to a rise in many diseases.


Ok... Week one, tap water; week two, more vegetables, and this week...we're going to focus on recycling. And yes, we know it's tough, that you're not sure about things, that you need so many more garbage bins...but the environment is worth it! Remember there are five bins: organic, paper, plastic, glass and other.


Now we're really going for it! You're already drinking tap water, eating more foods of plant origin and recycling... Now it's time to leave the car behind. If you live in a city you probably have a fantastic transport network. If you already use it, great. And if you don't, it's time to discover it. It's a faster, safer and cleaner way to get around than by car and will also let you get to know a new city - yours. When you travel by bus, for example, you will see the city from a completely new point of view. You will gain new insights into your city. You'll like it.


Let's go over the list: you now drink tap water, eat vegetables, recycle and use public transport... what's left? Well, for example, you could get involved with an NGO. Helping others is also a way of living more sustainably, more conscientiously. And you'll get back much more than you put in. You'll be surprised.

So what do you think about these challenges? We know some are going to be harder than others. But the ones you struggle with most will be the ones that will bring you the most satisfaction. We give you our MartiDerm word. It’s our #SmartAging word of honour. ;)

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