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Happy World Sleep Day!

These days there’s an International or World Day for nearly everything, down to the most unexpected: World Wildlife Day, Record Store Day, Bachelor's Day... But finally we’ve found a World Day we can really get onboard with: World Sleep Day.

We like sleeping and of course it is the best beauty secret. Not just because our metabolism regenerates while we slumber but because it’s at night when you can put the best beauty treatments into practice.

We propose 4:

GF Vital-Age Night Cream. Perfect for all skin types. It doesn’t just moisturise your skin: it nourishes it from the inside. And, of course, it stimulates cell renewal, boosting the beneficial effects of sleep.

Pro-Reg 8 Cream and Pro-Reg 15 Cream. These regenerating creams even tone and reduce blemishes thanks to their exclusive combination of alpha-hydroxy acids, including glycolic acid.

Epigence 145 Cream. Epigenetics has emerged as the key to smart cosmetics. And the core feature of this cream is indeed ‘smart’: it is primed to reset the skin and delay signs of ageing.

Night Renew ampoules. The peculiarity of these ampoules lies both in their format and their effect: they encourage cell renewal and prevent water loss, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

But no cream is magic. Taking care of and loving yourself, smiling and meditating also help you be and feel better.

And at night, the secret is simple: have a light, healthy dinner, make your bed every morning (so it’s ready at night), air your bedroom, change your sheets once a week, don’t use electronic devices in bed and pick up a book. A paper book. Yes, yes, paper. Keep your room tidy and use a warm light. Create a cosy, comforting environment that encourages peace and slumber. In short, create your own night routine. Taking your time about it and enjoying it. Pure #SmartAging philosophy.

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