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Just 5 Minutes

In just one second, you can decide to change your life, make that call you thought impossible, tell someone you’re sorry, say “I love you”, or shout “carpe diem”! So, just think how much you could do in five long, precious minutes?

Let’s start with something easy: eat fruit. Mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Fill that hole with something healthy. Fruit and vegetables help prevent numerous diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. What’s more, they help keep your bowels moving. So, is it or isn’t it a good idea to eat fruit? ;)

Take the stairs and walk. We say we’re in a rush as an excuse for taking the lift or avoiding walking in any situation. Not good. Walking up the stairs is a way of saving time because you can use the journey to do some exercise and firm up those glutes. And the same thing happens with all those steps that a taxi, bus, car or moped supposedly saves you. They’re steps you haven’t taken, and your body and mind will miss them.

Stretch. That means, stop everything you’re doing for five minutes and do a range of relaxation or stretching exercises. Get up from your seat, stand straight and, slowly, without over-stretching, move your head from side to side, as if saying no, and then up and down, as if saying yes. Then, sit back down and lean your body forward and let your head hang there. That way, you’ll stretch out your entire back and neck. Ah! And breathe ...

Meditate. With relaxing music and an aromatic candle, if possible. And if not, just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Observe, don’t judge, listen to your body, and leave the world behind. You’ll return a new person. All that in just five minutes!

Before you go out, dedicate at least 5 minutes to yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, brush your hair, smile and tell yourself: “You’re amazing. Today is going to be a great day. It doesn’t matter whether or not I think the same as everyone else, if I don’t fit in or if someone doesn’t agree with me. It doesn’t matter. And even if it’s just for today, I’m going to let myself feel that way.”

Isn’t it surprising how many things you can do in just five minutes to make a big improvement in your life? It's about growing intelligently, seizing the moment, loving yourself and being happy. That’s #SmartAging.

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