19-12-2018 | Dermatologist | Personal well-being

New Year, new life?

As the Mecano song goes...

“And in the clock of yesteryear

From year to year

Five minutes more ‘til the countdown

Taking stock of the good and the bad

Five minutes before

The countdown...”

2019 is right around the corner... with the promise of taking away all the bad and bringing all the good. That’s why we hold such big celebrations. That’s why we get excited when we hear the 12 bells ring. That’s why we remember those are aren’t with us anymore. And our resolutions, hopes, and dreams come alive with an almost child-like enthusiasm.

You've got more than 5 minutes until the countdown. So let’s take advantage of our time to set 5 goals for the new year. Everyone should establish their own goals because we all have different lives, challenges, and dreams.

However, it’s quite possible that some of ours may be the same:

  • BE HAPPIER. We know it’s a lot easier said than done, right? We spend our entire lives searching for the key to happiness, but the truth is that the key is inside each and every one of us. Close your eyes and look inside.
  • SMILE MORE. There’s no better beauty treatment. Have you every surprised yourself when looking in the mirror to find a tired or listless expression? We immediately stand up straight, fix our eyebrows with a quick flick, and tease our hair all while... smiling! And we feel better. Smile, even if there are no mirrors nearby, even if you are alone... Find your motivation and smile.  
  • EXERCISE MORE. We know we’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll never get tired of saying it again: exercising is absolutely vital to our physical and mental health. It provides you with energy, happiness and health.
  • TAKE BETTER CARE OF OURSELVES. Of ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours, and even strangers. Take care of yourself inside and outside. Taking care of yourself and others is a way to practise generosity. And generosity is far more satisfying than orange juice.
  • FORGIVE. First yourself and then everyone else. Forgiving yourself sets you free, releases you and allows you to let go. And you can’t put a price on that.

At MartiDerm, we always try to give you positive suggestions about how to take care of yourself more and better. We give you advice about our products and share our life philosophy with you: #SmartAging. But right now, we just want you to reflect on these 5 goals for 2019. Freely and with plenty of time. And we hope you achieve them. In our opinion, there’s no better gift.

And we’d like to wish you happy new year’s resolutions... Happy 2019!

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