17-12-2018 | Dermatologist | Personal well-being

New Year’s Eve 2019: the night to showcase beautiful skin

Some days and nights are special: a wedding, a family event, a dinner or an opening. And it’s at those special times when we can decide whether to dress casually or bring out the bling, go to the stylist’s or just sling our hair back in a ponytail. In other words, there’s no strict protocol for nearly any event these days...except New Year’s Eve!

Whether it’s because it only comes once a year or because we usually go to parties where everyone is dressed to the nines or we believe, somewhat irrationally, that the new year should be ushered in with your finest glad-rags on, the fact is that New Year's Eve is a night when we all want to look our best.

And to do so we need to use our common sense:

  • Take a nap: yes, a good ol’ kip - in your jim-jams if need be. And of course, in bed rather than on the sofa. Your whole body will relax and recover. Your face will soften and rejuvenate. It will light up and you will appear better-rested. A nap will also give you the energy you need to power through the night.
  • A relaxing shower: to make you feel calm and charge your batteries at the same time. Take this chance to exfoliate the skin on your face and body; use a good shampoo, a good hair mask and moisturise well.
  • Magic in the air: NYE is a magical night so why not reward yourself with a magical gift? A little something to brighten up your skin so people will say, “You're not just beautiful, you’re radiant!” Our new Flash Serum could be just the thing. With the same effect as our legendary Flash Ampoules but in a format that’s easier to use.
  • A sexy outfit: dress, pants, jumpsuit, miniskirt, blouse, satin, velvet, black, red or green. It will look as good as you feel.

And above all, enjoy the moment. There will be other New Year's Eves, but not this one. Close your eyes and dance, feel alive, feel lucky. You have everything you need for happiness. Happy New Year and Happy #SmartAging!

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