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No plans this weekend? FINALLY! A chance to focus on you and your skin.

Picture this: peace, tranquillity, sport, candles, music, walks, nature, silence...with no-one telling you what to do or how to do it... starting to look like a good plan, right?


Have a shower as soon as you get home. Long and peaceful. There’s nowhere you have to be. There’s no rush. Enjoy it. You can even take this chance to do a skin peel. Our Facial Scrub has a triple effect: cleansing, sebum control and antibacterial. It boosts cell renewal, removes dead cells and controls grease. And it will leave you feeling squeaky clean and relaxed.

Then treat yourself to a massage with Modelift Body Cream, an intensive sculpting, firming and slimming treatment. Follow it up with a light dinner that is easy to digest. And have it early. It’s not good to go to bed on a full stomach.

Leave your phone, iPad, computer and any other electronic device (including your watch) outside the bedroom. Slip into bed with a good book.

And sleep. Eight hours is enough. But make sure you really get them. Your skin will thank you for the rest. And have something light to eat, too: it will give you a better, deeper sleep so you wake up feeling fresh and light.


Do you live near the sea, in the countryside or even near a garden area? Make the most of your weekend by heading outside to walk, run or do yoga. Sport will help remove toxins, cleanse the skin and lift your spirits. Of course you have to put sunscreen on first: DSP-Cream SPF 50+ reduces and prevents dark spots and protects you from the sun.

Jump into the shower when you get home. Eat a little of what you fancy (don't go overboard on alcohol or fatty foods) because it’s important to treat yourself, too.

Have a nap. No more than an hour. And then apply a mask. Try DSP-Mask, our kaolin and intensive depigmenting mask for use at night.

Next step is to moisturise your skin. First the eye contour area with Expression Gel. Its botox-like relaxing effect encourages muscle relaxation, minimising expression lines. Then the rest of the face with GF Vital-Age Night Cream: it intensely nourishes and moisturises the skin.

After this, a light dinner, bed and book.


Repeat Saturday’s plan, adding in a film or cup of tea with a friend if you like. You’ll have the feeling you made the most of the weekend and can start the new week with vim and vigour. It’s our #SmartAging word of honour.

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