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One of life’s greatest pleasures: getting up early

We spend the first half of our lives thinking that sleeping in is the greatest luxury there is. Then once we’ve matured we spend the other half enjoying the pleasures of early rising.

Making the most of the day, knowing you are getting the best out of it, having time to get everything done without rushing around, enjoying the special, clean light of the early hours of the day. Valuing being alive and in good health is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

After all, our bodies are designed to work with the natural hours of light. But of course we have overstepped this rule of nature by extending our activities through to the evening. This causes more problems than we realise: lack of concentration, crankiness, gastrointestinal problems, premature aging, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, lowering of defences... And we’ll leave it there although we could go on.

Below are two basic tips to improve your health:

  • As far as possible, have dinner no later than 8 in the evening and make it light.

  • Get to bed early, no later than 10 pm. And hit the hay with a good book - the light from mobile phones and tablets last thing at night isn't good for us.

An early night means you’ll be able to get all the rest your body really needs.

You might find it tricky bringing your timetable forward at first, but don't worry, you’ll get the hang of it. Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than normal, for example. Keep doing the same each night until you reach the timetable you want.

When you wake up, give yourself a few minutes to do so properly and find a good reason to put your feet on the floor: a nice hot shower followed by moisturiser, a tasty breakfast, a stroll along the beach or a game of paddle tennis... As everyone who plays it knows, if you don’t get up early you won't get a court! ;)

And one final tip: protect your skin before you go out. Whether it’s summer or winter. Make sure you use a good sunscreen. DSP-Cream SPF 50+ reduces and prevents dark spots, in addition to protecting you from the sun. In fact, our entire Pigment Zero range will protect your skin perfectly so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.                      

As you can see, early rising and everything that goes with it has a number of outcomes that are so good and positive for you that, although you might find it hard at first, you will end up loving them because you will feel better and be happier. That's why all we SmartAging fans get up early and in good form. It’s the #SmartAging word of honour!

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