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Sunday can be the best day of the week. Word

Yep, that’s right. Even if you don’t believe it, even if the thought of it bores you, brings you out in hives or makes you want to race out the door... Sunday can be the best day of the week!

Think about it: on Mondays it’s hard to get going, you have to work and may have to do the weekly shop. Tuesdays there's the gym, work and more meetings. Wednesday the same but at least Friday is heaving into view. Thursday night, meal out...no-one can say you don’t have a social life! Friday you drag yourself home exhausted and spend Saturday catching up with the sun. But Sunday... Sunday is for you. No gym, no meetings...

Just time to spend on whatever you like. And that might well be you.

Get eight hours sleep. You don't have to overdo the staying in bed business. That’s sheer laziness...and laziness is sooo passé!

El Clásico. No, of course we don’t mean Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona! We're talking movies! Your go-to flick, whether it's Pretty Woman or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Different strokes and all that.

Take up a new activity. Something you’ve never done before. Pottery, for example. The key is to do something you'd never considered and which just springs to mind.

Have a relaxing bath. Didn't you know? Hot water baths are the new Sunday sport! They say an hour-long bath at 40ºC is the same as a 30 minute walk. Use the time to apply one of our 5 masks inspired by Korean cosmetics:

Read. And you can even fall asleep while reading. It’s wickedly indulgent and a perfect essential for a Sunday afternoon.

Have an early supper. In step with our European neighbours. The earlier you eat the earlier you’ll go to bed. Ergo: you’ll sleep more and better.

And above all - believe that it's possible. A tired, apathetic and negative mind will make it harder to change your perception of Sunday than a positive one will. So if you want to begin to change your idea of Sundays, start practising #SmartAging... and you will change your life!

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