20-01-2020 | Dermatologist | Personal well-being

When you need a holiday... from the holidays.

We can’t wait for the Christmas holidays to come around. But when they’re over we feel relieved.

Christmas is a byword for excess - big meals, family get-together, gifts, rushing around, expenses... So when it's finally over and we go back to work, most of us have the feeling we haven't relaxed. Many would love to go away with our partner -or even alone- for a couple of days to a deserted beach or a spa.

But we’re here! The good news is that even if you didn't really have a holiday over the holidays, this is the ideal time to get back to healthy lifestyle habits. And if you don't have any... to get into them!

Because when all is said and done it's not about getting your figure back through a miracle diet or signing up (hello again, January!) to the gym: what matters is continuous healthy lifestyle habits. In other words, making healthy habits your way of life.

So says the WHO (World Health Organization), which defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being ”. It’s the whole kit and caboodle.

Diet: healthy and balanced. Avoid processed and ultraprocessed foods and, of course, alcohol.

Exercise: every body is unique. Choose the exercise that suits you best and, obviously, that you enjoy.

Take care of yourself: looking after your appearance, taking care of yourself and loving yourself is key to being happier.  If you think you look good, you’ll feel good. At MartiDerm we know it’s so. That’s why we have an extensive range of products to look after your skin. Plus, of course, we are constantly creating new ones. Because trying something new makes you feel good, too!

Fresh, clean air: try to spend some of your time in the countryside. That always makes you feel good.

Healthy mind: don’t let day-to-day things get on top of you. They’re-sooo-not-worth-it.

Socialise: it is very important to connect with people, say hello, thank people, relay your joys and woes. It's liberating.

And of course, follow all our tips and advice on health, life, healthy skin...and be happy! We promise you a year full of good advice. ;)

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