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Are wrinkles beautiful?

As the joke goes, one day you're young and the next the best thing you can do is go to bed early and get a good eight hours’ sleep. That’s also the day you start worrying about wrinkles.

And therein lies the crunch: we are responsible for many of our wrinkles.

Obviously the skin on our face deteriorates as time goes by. With age, cell division slows, causing the network of elastin, the collagen fibres, the degree of moisture and other factors that keep the skin looking toned, to decrease in quality and quantity, loosening the skin and giving rise to depressions on the surface. That’s what we know as a wrinkle.

But you can be sure that, out of ignorance or laziness, we also contribute to their appearance. Below we explain how.

“It’s winter: the sun doesn’t hurt”.

Did you know that solar radiation causes 80% of premature skin aging? Remember:

  • the best preventive wrinkle cream is a good sunscreen.
  • Sun is equally as harmful all year round.

“I’m not giving up beer or pastries”.
Alcohol dehydrates us. And of course it also dehydrates our skin. Dehydrated skin translates into loss of firmness, and constant dehydration slowly saps the quality of your collagen.

And take care with sugary foods: they trigger a process in which these molecules attack the protein present in the skin, including collagen, tasked with keeping skin firm and wrinkle-free. It’s a process that accelerates with age, so it’s a good idea to get used to eating well from a young age.

“I only smoke five cigarettes a day”.

Smoke destroys the collagen in your skin and makes the oxygen disappear, reducing the circulation of blood in the skin of the face. Plus, the gesture of smoking causes wrinkles in eye and lip contour. You only have to look at someone to know whether they smoke or not. The upshot is premature wrinkles and expression lines.

“I love sleeping on my tummy”.

Considering that we spend a third of our lives asleep, it’s no wonder our night-time habits affect our skin. If you sleep face-down or on your side we've got some bad news: sleeping with your face against the pillow or side-on has been proven to exacerbate wrinkles. Unless your pillowcase is made from a fabric like satin which your face can slide against, we recommend you get used to sleeping on your back.

“I don't wear sunglasses. I always lose them.”

Sunglasses are essential to preventing the well-known “crow's feet”. When we’re exposed to intense sunlight without them, we squint as a reflex action and narrow our eyes to reduce the light getting in. These expressions make facial wrinkles worse, particularly on the eyelids and eye contour area.

“I don't always take my makeup off. I fall into bed so tired...”

How many times have you heard that going to bed without removing your makeup is bad for your skin? Well, they're not wrong! Night is when the skin recovers from the stress it’s been put through during the day. Remember to use products that unblock pores without drying them out, preferably with a supplementary moisturising agent.

AND NOW, FINALLY, THE GOOD NEWS: in addition to adopting good, healthy habits you can become a fan of delicious and very, very pleasant ones. MartiDerm has an extensive dermocosmetic range where you can't help but find your ideal beauty ritual.

And as far as wrinkles go, there are so many options!

Epigence Optima SPF 50+: our latest and revolutionary ampoule. Intense moisturisation and intense protection.

But there’s also the other products in the Black Diamond line, the Platinum range and The Originals range.

Find your perfect anti-wrinkle beauty routine and enjoy taking care of yourself. After all, you can't fight time, but you can make it your partner. That’s #SmartAging.

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