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Does your skin ride a scooter?

You only have to step out in the street, especially if you live in a large city, to see for yourself: electric scooters are here to stay.

Easy to handle, they take up a minimum of space, require no physical effort, don't pollute and are cheaper than public or private transport. We can all agree on that.

But as well as their good points, they also have the odd drawback: tricky coexistence with pedestrians and a lack of clear and effective regulations that in some cases even require mandatory use of a helmet.

In any case, most people know that safe use of an electric scooter involves riding them in designated areas, wearing a helmet and using other body-protection wear like gloves.

What they often fail to consider is the extra protection their skin needs.

Smoke from exhaust pipes and rays of sunlight directly impact the skin. The result? Dry, dirty and irritated skin, particularly on the face but also the rest of the body if it's summertime.


Cleansing and moisturisation. But above all, protection. And you can get this protection with Urban Force Serum-On Top, our daytime anti-pollution and comprehensive protective-shield moisturising serum with SPF 20 for all skin types, which you can replenish as often as you need.

And at night Urban Restore Serum, a detox, regenerative and revitalising moisturising serum, also for all skin types, that allows the skin to recover from the environmental damage suffered during the day.

But in addition to our serums, at MartiDerm we also recommend exfoliating the skin on your face and body once a week. Use a good face mask once a week too, preferably after exfoliating, and moisturise the skin on your body every day, only after showering.

And of course, follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Between one-and-a-half and two litres a day. You have to look after your skin on the outside. But it's just as important to look after it from the inside too. Because remember, moisturised skin is protected skin.

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