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Join the Smart Aging philosophy

In MartiDerm we understand the Smart Aging philosophy as a celebration of well-being, balance and care, not only of ourselves, but also the planet that surrounds us. But it is not always easy to figure out how, where and when to carry it out. To make it easier to fit this more positive lifestyle into your day-to-day life, here are 5 tips that will help you achieve it:

  1. Lift or stairs?: dare to stop using lifts when you have the opportunity to use the stairs. You might take a bit longer to go up or down, but you’ll be doing some daily exercise that will be really good for you. In addition, you’ll turn it into a habit rather than being an effort.
  2. Say no to excess sugars: now that the warm weather has arrived, it is normal for us to feel like having a very cold soft-drink. We propose replacing excess sugar with a good home-made lemonade: water, lemon and mint. It's that simple and healthy! You’ll see how it will become your favourite drink.
  3. Second chances: we do not realise it, but in our day-to-day life we throw away objects when we think that they are no longer useful. But this is not the case! Before throwing away glass bottles or plastic boxes, consider whether you can give them a second chance. You will be amazed at the multi-purpose uses for things! Thinking about the environment also forms part of achieving a positive balance in life.
  4. First of all, protection: it is very important to know what your skin needs at every moment. Especially at those times of the year when, for one reason or another, the skin is exposed to more severe conditions. Protect your skin from the sun and nourish it with what it needs now that the high temperatures are coming. Protecting your skin from the effects of the sun will help your skin to age healthily and totally naturally.
  5. Dedicate time to yourself: it may seem obvious, but with the frenetic pace of the life in which we are immersed, sometimes we forget simple things like taking care of ourselves. Try to pick a time of day that you can dedicate to yourself, to your hobbies, your interests, your thoughts -- and enjoy it! It does not have to be very long, but with a little every day you will get a moment of peace and quiet that you deserve after the long day.

Now you know that following a Smart Aging lifestyle is not difficult. Being more positive, generous and respectful in our day-to-day life with ourselves and with the environment is easier than you think. Now you just have to put it into practice. Shall we start?

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