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Keep what you love.

As the years go by, we take special care over the moments, memories and people we wish to keep.

This sometimes takes the form of a photo of a loved one or a memorable time. We frame it so it doesn't fade and the edges don't fray. Then we put it somewhere special and smile every time we look at it.

Other times it is a person. A friend, our partner, a child, a sister or our mother... We are there when they need us, always take the chance to tell them we love them and try to make them happy.

Naturally and instinctively we keep what we love.

That is how the first MartiDerm ampoules came about: seeking a recipient that could keep our precious formulas intact through to when they reach your skin. A revolutionary and hermetic amber glass format that is still a benchmark today.

These are our 9 ampoules and a summary of their properties:

  1. Proteos Hydra Plus: moisturisation, brightness and firmness.
  2. Proteos Hydra Plus SP: moisturisation, brightness and firmness with SPF.
  3. Proteos Liposome: oil-free moisturisation and firmness.
  4. Flash: immediate anti-fatigue effect.
  5. Photo-Age HA+: firmness, repair and photoaging treatment.
  6. Night Renew: renewal and moisturisation at night.
  7. DSP-Bright: ampoule for dark spot prevention and reduction.
  8. Epigence Optima SPF 50+: broad-spectrum protection.
  9. Skin Complex Advanced: intensive nourishment and chronoaging treatment.

Our ampoule recalls the importance of taking care of what we love. Not only in our work, also in our lives. With this inspiration we have created a campaign so no-one forgets it. Discover it here.

In short: take care of what you love and, above all, take care of yourself. Of your health, your interests, your wellbeing....and your skin.

The only way to keep what we love is by taking care of it. 

Pure #SmartAging philosophy. 

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