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MartiDerm practices Smart Aging

Living fully, savouring every moment of our day-to-day, spending time with our family and friends, enjoying nature, eating well, moving around, travelling... are the basis of our life philosophy, Smart Aging. We consider that there are five pillars we support ourselves on to have a full and happy life: 

  • Taking care of our diet. 
  • Exercising. 
  • Pampering our skin. 
  • Taking care of our personal well-being. 
  • Respecting the earth. 

In MartiDerm, the Smart Aging philosophy accompanies us in every action we do, which is why we carry out several activities with our employees in search of a happier and more sustainable life. 

Skin test 

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin. In November, in MartiDerm we enjoyed an exhaustive analysis of our skin to determine its needs and what the best products are to clean it and take care of it. You can also do the test on our website! 

Fruit for everybody 

Fruit gives us water, vitamins, minerals, fibre and different beneficial compounds for the body. It is also an antioxidant, prevents premature aging of cells and favours the skin. It helps us to prevent different diseases such as cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, being overweight and obesity. In MartiDerm, we have free fruit for all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, fruit is life! 

Healthy menu 

A good diet helps us to have a healthy weight, better health, high energy levels and prettier skin. But… it is often difficult to cook a good meal! In MartiDerm, we offer a healthy and cheap meal to all our employees so that they do not have to worry about making a packed lunch every day. 

Walk to activate ourselves 

Keeping moving has many benefits for health: it strengthens your heart, reduces the risk of diseases, controls weight, tones the body and increases the levels of vitamin D and energy levels. Last November, we went on a walk to Cervelló to enjoy the nature; we encourage you to discover it! 

Paddle Tennis Tournament 

Paddle tennis, like other racquet sports, has a multitude of virtues for our body. It is an aerobic sport, and therefore improves the cardiovascular system, tones the body, improves agility and helps us to work as a team! MartiDerm’s First paddle tournament took place on 29 November, but it is definitely not the last! 

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