17-09-2019 | Dermatologist | Skin

Music and skin.

They say that music tames the beast. And it’s true that music can move a serious person or bring a timid soul out of their shell. We have all experienced it and know it to be true.

What you may not know is that music also has an extraordinary effect on your skin.

If your headphones have become a part of you, you will understand the feeling well: the first notes sound... that melody which, you don’t know why, seems to have been inspired by you... and you feel the hair on your arms begin to rise... That is the moment when you and your skin are in complete harmony with the piece of music. It's magic.

It doesn't matter whether it’s classical, electronic or rock. Music is personal and non-transferable.

And incredible as it may seem, music is a stimulus that rekindles and revives your skin; when you hear a piece of music your brain can process all types of emotions. And those emotions are reflected on the skin. The best example is the feeling of ‘goosebumps’, the involuntary contraction of the erector muscles on the hairs that causes them to stand up straight.

The conclusion is obvious: your skin is as alive as you are. Look after it every way you can. Taking care of your diet, drinking water, thinking positive thoughts, using cosmetic products that best match your needs and, of course, listening to music.

Listen to the music that you like. Enjoy it, immerse yourself in it. Skin is a mirror on our emotions and a reflection of how we take care of ourselves, what we eat and what sport we do. And also the music we listen to. ;) #SmartAgingAttitude



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