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Protect the beach... and you’ll be protecting your skin

Live close to the beach? Lucky you!

At MartiDerm we're lucky too, because our head office is on the outskirts of Barcelona. We're aware of the privileges afforded by such a location: pure Mediterranean bliss.

Our coastline is lovely year-round, although it’s during the hot months when the majority of us use it most. Whatever use you make of it, the beach always makes you feel good: sunbathing (not overdoing it), walking along the sand, enjoying a dip, reading under a beach umbrella, having a kip, playing with a bucket and spade or building a sandcastle, for example.

And if that's not enough, keep reading:

The sun. Your natural source of vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium is one of the core components of bones, essential to preventing such serious diseases as osteoporosis. Vitamin D also plays a key role in the nervous, muscle and immune systems.

The sand. Sand is an assemblage of loose fragments of small rocks or minerals. The main component in continental environments and non-tropical coasts is silica, generally found in the form of quartz. Walking on sand, preferably wet, is literally the best natural massage you can give yourself.

The sea water. There are 89 essential elements in sea water that are also present in our body, in addition to other vitamins and microorganisms that release antibacterial substances. The benefits of bathing in the sea are literally infinite.

So that's the good news.

The sea is also in danger. We recycle, confident in the knowledge that we are doing our bit for the environment. But the truth is that much of the plastic we consume and deposit in dedicated rubbish bins CANNOT BE RECYCLED. That explains why we find not just silica in the sand when we go to the beach, but also different sized pieces of plastic, some microscopic,

meaning that, when we enter the water, our skin not only absorbs 89 elements essential to our body but also all the substances that decomposing plastic releases.

The solution?

Keep on recycling. And above all, STOP USING PLASTIC. Many of us take our own fabric bags with us to do the shopping. Why? To avoid bringing more plastic than is absolutely necessary into the home.

So let's keep on recycling. If we protect our beaches, we will be protecting our skin and our health. #SmartAging Attitude.

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