06-04-2020 | Dermatologist | Skin

Skin Coach - the personal trainer for your skin.

Every person's skin is unique. And no-one knows yours better than you. But if you think yours could do with an improvement, you need a Skin Coach. And if it’s perfect, find out how to make it even better!

There are so many creams, gels, serums and soaps it's sometimes hard to know which product or routine is best for your skin. In fact, we often end up using the same product our mother, friend or benchmark influencer does, thinking it will be as good for us as it is for them. Then after a few days we find out we have open pores or dull skin.

At MartiDerm we always recommend you consult your trusted pharmacist or dermatologist. But knowing that isn't always possible we have created the MartiDerm Skin Coach.

Just enter our website and complete a few questions about your skin type and the problems that concern you most. You’ll immediately get our daily recommendation for day and night, in addition to a weekly suggestion. And if want to go for broke you can also access our expert recommendation which includes a more comprehensive routine.

Not only can you download it... You can share it on your social networks!

And most importantly of all: you will get a personalised routine that’s right for your skin and needs, delivering exactly what a coach does: the best version of your skin. Welcome to the #SmartAging era!

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